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How to Launch a SaaS Company Without Coding

How do you successfully build and launch a SaaS company when you don’t have a tech background?

I mean…

Is it really possible to pull it off?

If you have an idea for a software-as-a-service app that you know could be successful — if only you could build it…

This question might be keeping you up at night.

After all, launching your SaaS company could allow you to do things like…

→ Create more security for yourself, your family, your kids…
→ Build an asset that’s truly scalable (versus selling your time for money)
→ Step away from your current job or career and into an entirely new business model

Those aren’t things to take lightly.

So, the question remains…

Can you really successfully launch a SaaS company without a coding background?

Well, that’s what we’re diving into today.

In this video, we’re covering…

1. How to validate your SaaS idea without wasting time
2. Which paths you could take toward launching it (is a tech co-founder actually a better option than no-code?)
3. How to make sure you’re using the right no code development platform from the start (if that’s the route you’re going)
4. Things like the pros and cons of outsourcing, forming a partnership, building an app yourself — and how to find the right balance for you
5. How to identity your first solution, user acquisition channel, and user types (so you can put some real strategy behind your development and launch)

…And more.

This video gives a granular view of each step you’ll need to take in order to launch a SaaS product without tech-skills, so if you’re jumping on the SaaS bandwagon, you’re going to want to check this out.

It’ll set you on the right path so you can build faster, launch sooner, and grow a lot more quickly.

💥 Links referenced in the video:

👉 Development paths and costs breakdown:

👉 Scope your pilot app correctly:

👉 Using templates to build your no code app:


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Plus, here are a few more ways to get help fast…

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👉 Facebook community for no code app entrepreneurs:



  1. Qiao Zhang

    Really love about talking the no-code mindset, an unique offering of the market. One small suggestion is can we offer a brief (text) version (maybe on the website redirected from YouTube) so that faster to view? I think this approach doesn’t affect the brand population intended to generate from these videos and will be a huge time-savor for indie hackers. Thanks!

    1. Coaching No Code Apps

      We don’t specifically teach agency growth, but you can definitely pull a ton of the info from these videos to help you do that. I’d first suggest identifying your strengths and skills, then seeing how those can fill the needs of people looking to launch apps.

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