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How to make your own SAAS with pre built scripts

How to make your own SAAS with pre built scripts


Software as a Service is a common model of online business to make some recurring income.



    1. SaaS Master

      Well that’s the million dollar question😊. Anyone with a script can be successful if you know how to market it. There’s many strategies that you can try but each type of saas can be different

  1. Rush

    You shouldn’t use Codecanyon scripts to run a business, but they are good to lean. The main point is that, you have to check the COMMENTS section of the script sales page. Many of the scripts are done by single developer with no propper testing so there can be many bugs. In real life, you have to hire some experts and most of the time It will cost at least minimum 100K USD to get it done if it is in US. Also who is going to support after your SAAS goes live? Its not just uploading script in to a one VPS server and you are ready to go.. You have to manage at least 3 servers with Live, On going development and Testing versions. Site modifications should apply to live site smoothly with a proper pipeline. You have to have ongoing backups of the database and contents at least in every hour and that is your security of the business.

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