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SEO for SaaS (Software as a Service) Websites

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How to do SEO for SaaS (Software as a Service) Websites? Learn in this interview with Matthew Howells-Barby from Hubspot and Jackie Chu from Uber:

0:40 What are the differences that can be found when doing an SEO process for Saas (Software as a Service) Companies?
3:21 What are the tactics that you’ve found to be particularly useful in SaaS SEO processes, especially with content?
10:18 What are the top actions you prioritize in your SaaS SEO process?
13:12 What are the non-traditional search efforts that pay off in SaaS?


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  1. Vijay Srinivas

    Thanks for putting this together Aleyda! Amazing points shared by Matthew on aggregators and Jackie on help center & community cannibalization (the struggle is real!). It was very interesting to learn how the search function has evolved beyond Google in a matured SaaS company like Hubspot.

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