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Cloud computing in Azure : IAAS vs PAAS vs SAAS vs PIZZA🍕?

CLOUD COMPUTING IN AZURE : IAAS vs PAAS vs SAAS vs PIZZA🍕? – Choosing the right flavor of cloud computing can really help you modernize your Cloud IT stack, and allow you to pay as you grow with the right compute at the right time. Check out this episode to learn your different options in Azure.

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First Vancouverite to tweet to @danaepp and mention this video will get a free pizza delivered, maybe even by Dana himself.

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  1. Dana Epp

    So many different options for cloud computing in #Azure these days. Hope you found this episode interesting, or at the very least make you hungry for 🍕! Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Oh… and let me know what your favorite kinda pizza is. Who knows… it may show up on your doorstep some day! My favorite is a good greek/Mediterranean style pizza with beef, feta and onions. What about you?

  2. Steve Friedl

    Isn’t the most important thing about this video the argument over whether pizza ought to have pineapple or not? 🙂

    A friend once told me: “Never engineer what you can negotiate”, which weighs into exactly these kinds of tradeoffs.

    1. Dana Epp

      Hey, not for me to judge if you like sweet fruit on your pie. 😋 On a serious note, I think the point about tradeoffs is valid. There is a time and place for virtually anything. The resistance, especially in the cloud, comes from not knowing the options are there and exist. Heck many CFOs don’t even know how to handle OpX IT vs CapX…. they don’t know how to write that down. Azure gives us so many options, and can really help modernize Cloud IT and allow us to work together to speed up our digital transformation in business. So… while you eat your Hawaiian pizza, are you managing resources in Azure these days? Whats your favorite computing option?

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