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How I Would Start a SAAS Business Today

Running a SAAS business (software as a service) type business is in my opinion one of the best business models in the world. In this video I discuss what we would have done differently if we were going to launch a brand new saas business today and some of the problems we had inside starting Time Doctor.

Please let me know if you like this video and/or if you want me to talk more about this subject.

Here are also some tips from entrepreneurs on how to run a successful SaaS business:


Resource mentioned in the video:
ChartMogul —



  1. Matthcw

    1. Don’t have a free Beta because the users wont value it as much
    2. Understand the exponential component of SaaS, you don’t make a lot of money up front, it grows exponentially over time
    3. Build a simple app, otherwise you will have a lot of maintenance work to do in the future
    4. Focus on CHURN rate, keep it low! It’s much more efficient than trying to get new customers
    5. Get a CLEAR sense of ALL the numbers early on
    6. Invest more into MARKETING, not just product development.

  2. Alvie Kamal

    Hey Liam, thanks for your insight! Being a young entrepreneur starting a sports management SaaS company I really appreciate you sharing your years of knowledge with the world.
    Liam, I have 2 questions:
    Q1. After finishing your MVP and getting ready to start charging clients on Day 1 what type of tech support should you offer? (assuming you’re working on a budget and can’t afford to hire right now.)
    Q2. What strategies did you use for timedoctor and staff.com to get your first clients?


    1. Running Remote

      A1. You should be support. You will figure out how to fix the software first hand and how difficult it is to support users. A2. We primarily did SEO. About half our revenue comes from SEO today. Check out the SEO course we did on the channel and you should have a good basic framework to start.

  3. David

    I’ve heard similar advice from folks who started SaaS business in the past. I’m jotting these down as a reference for myself. I’m looking to start a SaaS business this year, and I feel that we could go deep on each of these points in and of itself. Thanks for sharing your insights. Cheers!

    1. Do not do a free beta – 1:22
    2. Understand the exponential component of SaaS – 2:50
    3. Build a simple app – 3:55
    4. Focus on churn early – 4:49
    5. Get a clear sense of numbers early – 5:54
    6. Devote energy to marketing early on – 7:21

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