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SaaS Sales vs Service Sales What is the Difference B2B Sales 101

SaaS Sales vs Service Sales – What is the Difference?

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SaaS, first of all, stands for Software as a Service and Service is an Agency.

So SaaS would be something like our company Botfuse, which is a chatbot that lives on your website and provides software as a service. It's a software that provides a service of being a chatbot.

Now service business would be more like our agency X27, where we go out and we find leads for other businesses. It's a done-for-you service. Other services businesses might be web design or web development, or mobile design and development, coding, branding, pay-per-click, marketing services anything like that is a services business.

And I have experience with both, scaling up Botfuse and scaling up X27. I have a lot more experience in Service sales but SaaS sales are something I've touched. And let's talk about the difference between the two. I know enough now to know the difference between SaaS sales and Service sales. And I'll tell you which one's my favorite in this video, so stick around.

0:00 What is the Main Difference between SaaS and Service Sales?

1:25 Ease of Signup and Demo

2:46 The User Experience

4:06 Scalability

4:20 Performance Tracking

6:07 The Negotiation Process

6:37 Pricing

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