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Watch this before building a Software as a Service (SaaS) – [Bedrock, React, GraphQL, Node, Next]

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I would like to share my experience in building Software as a Service (SaaS) projects with a fullstack Javascript approach. I explain the common parts that exists in most SaaS products by taking Dropbox as an example. The main consideration is whether to build these common parts yourself or building from a boilerplate to spend more time on building the parts that are unique to your SaaS product. The common parts identified are a Landing Page, User and Account Management, Email and Payment services. After that we take a look into Bedrock. A full stack JS boilerplate built by Max Stoiber who also is the creator of Styled Components and React-Boilerplate. Bedrock uses my current favourite tech stack which consists of Prisma and GraphQL on Node.js and React on Next.js. Typescript in both frontend and backend.

Bedrock links:
Bedrock demo by Max:
Bedrock landing page:

Tech stack links:
GraphQL Codegen:

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Identifying the SaaS infrastructure parts
1:55 Common vs Unique parts
3:03 Bedrock origins
3:18 Bedrock Tech Stack
4:48 Conclusion
5:40 Outro

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  1. Randolph Gordon

    Very informative video. I like the additional scene at the end where you are obviously doing something not related to actual video of SAAS but in relation to real life. I think other YTber’s can learn from this approach. Well done!

    1. Barely Coding with Daniel Bark

      Thanks Randolph! Happy you liked that part. There is definitely room for playing around with other setups than portrait mode since that can get a bit monotone in information heavy videos 🙂

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