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Multi-tenant architecture for SaaS apps with Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory

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Multitenancy is an architecture where multiple tenants share the same physical instance of an app. In this video, you'll learn how to create multi-tenant apps with Microsoft Cloud Advocates Bob German and Rabia Williams. They will convert a JavaScript Single Page Application to a multi-tenant application, all while explaining the concept of multi-tenant apps.

👀 Want to learn about multitenancy in blog form? Read more here:

🔑 The authentication flow used in this sample project is OAuth 2.0 auth code grant.

📊 You will also learn how to get Microsoft 365 data using Microsoft Graph:

💻The base code sample used is here

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  1. Mark van Dijk

    Very helpful and clarifying! Thanks for the video.
    Two related questions come to mind that you might want to (briefly) touch in another video. 1.) So if you have an App Registration in a home tenant, and you give this delegated permissions on the Graph, it kinda feels like you this is ‘your’ Graph (this is probably where I’m not right). So if you allow multitenants on the app registration, how does this ‘central’ app registration work with ‘local’ Graph data? I guess it’s not exactly related to the topic you discussed as it’s a different application we’re talking about (Graph), but just to clarify on this in general I was wondering how this works under the hood… 2.) A very specific scenario that pops into mind is the SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal. Why would the team behind SharePoint Online have chosen for a ‘unique’ App Registration in each tenant, instead of this ‘central’ approach? Is there a reason why you would chose one over the other?
    Again, thanks for the video!

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