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SaaS in Tamil | PUBG Example | Cloud Computing | Software as a Service | Karka Kasadara

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SaaS na enna gha? 🤔

SaaS! SaaS! SaaS! Everywhere we see, everyone's talking about SaaS! What is it though?

SaaS romba kastum ah? Not at all. It's a fairly simple concept when you look at it.

Let's breakdown SaaS in simple terms with the example of our favorite PUBG and GTA Vice City games! 🎮

Tamilrockers pathi kuda pesurom! 😉

SaaS is Software as a Service. It's taken the industry by storm and is revolutionizing the way how we work.

The software is now on the cloud and all of us get access to the file making it extremely flexible, versatile, and scalable! 💥

We're going to be talking about everything you need to know to make sure you upskill yourself and don't miss the SaaS wave!

Starting from the basics of what SaaS is all the way up to complex terms like Customer Acquisition Cost, Customer Lifetime Value, and so on!

Let's dive in and learn all about SaaS! 😄

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  1. பத்ம ஹஸ்தம்

    கும்புடறேன் எசமான் எனக்கு தக்காளி ” சாஸை ” அதாங்க டோமொடோ “சாஸ்”தான் தெரியி … ஹி ஹி

    1. Karka Kasadara

      Wow! Thank you so much Monisha! 🥺❤️
      What good is content or the presentation without our wonderful people like you who support us! Thank you, it will not be possible without you! 🙏🏼😁

  2. பத்ம ஹஸ்தம்

    I am a Chartered accountant. Software programming is like North pole and south pole for me. I was going through a book on Big data for dummies where i found out the word Saas. Till now I did not know what it is but with your beautiful explanation, my collars are up… I know what it is..and its utilities… Jai hind

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