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How To Find BRILLIANT SaaS Ideas

This is the story of my first SaaS product, Sigmetic.
The idea was BRILLIANT. But something didn't go as planned.

…Spoiler alert: It was an epic failure!

If I knew what I know today, it would have been easy to spot that the idea was absolutely worthless.

And that's what I'm here to share.

In this video, I will cover
🔸 The story of my first SaaS product
🔸 How to validate a great SaaS idea
🔸 3 tests you should put your idea through

0:00 How it all started
2:22 Channel welcome
3:23 The SaaS Triangle
3:43 Test 1: Dogfooding
5:38 Test 2: Is your problem worth solving?
7:58 Test 3: Can you afford your pricing?
11:46 What's next

#saas #business #startup
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    1. Simon Høiberg

      Thank you, Anurag 🙌 Truly appreciate it!

      And yes – I edit them on my own 😊
      Lots of hours spent in Adobe Premiere + After Effects (and some great tutorials on YouTube) to pick up enough skills to edit them nicely 😁

  1. Rob AI

    I’m about to launch my own SaaS in 2 weeks from now.. there’s a lot of traction from my target market.. I just need to polish onboarding and more end-to-end testing..

    all this while having a full-time lead developer job 😅😅

    I learned a lot from your channel and other similar channels and some startup blogs.

  2. swapnil mane

    Its a Movie Simon… I couldnt stop myself from liking the video and commenting to tell you this before even watching the complete video. I will move on to watch it now… I am sure it’s a blast!⚡

    1. Simon Høiberg

      Thank you, Brandon! Really appreciate it.

      For the thumbnails I use Photoshop, and for video editing I use Premiere and After Effects.
      And then I did a whole lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to make it all 😁

      My first videos/thumbnails certainly did not look like this.
      It has of course taken a lot of practice.

  3. affan ahamed

    I’m from a marketing background and I’m learning to build a product, should I just focus on what I’m good at and find someone to develop or do both by myself?

    1. Simon Høiberg

      If you have someone in mind who could be your technical co-founder, go for it.
      But it’s really important that it’s a person you know well and have good collaboration with.

      If not, I’d say it’s better to go for it yourself.
      Check out various no-code solutions like Webflow, Zapier, Airtable. They can get you really far without having to do any coding.

  4. hrlrl

    I spent about 6 months on an idea one time and it failed. It was a stock photography site/app where people could upload photos from their phone. I thought it was genius.
    I had no idea the amount of legal stuff it would take for licensing (and also preventing copyrighted work from being uploaded). Model releases, property releases, parental releases, and all needed to be backed up legally. I basically needed to have a team of lawyers to make it work. Then you have to compete with shutterstock and istock. Impossible. Lesson learned.

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